best CBD form for consumption ?

You can consume Cannabis or CBD oil in numerous forms. However, each style has the pros and cons of its own, which is why each time you will have a different experience of the product. 

Just how every human produces a different psychological result; similarly, every human has a different experience when they consume Cannabinoids or Cannabis. It may take you a few attempts to find the form that suits you best.

Some ways in which each form differs from the other are:

  • Onset: The speed at which cannabinoids start to work.
  • Dosage: The suitable quantity for consumption.
  • Overall effect: What parts of the body will feel the impact?
  • Duration: The overall length of the effects.

The need for the product and its quality determines the dosage that one should consume.

The article below will educate you about the adequate dosage for managing THC psychoactivity.


  • Onset: Within minutes.
  • Dosage: A small puff carries enough to affect you. It is common for a join to contain nearly 1 gram cannabis.
  • Overall Effect: It immediately affects a person’s lungs, then moves towards the brain and heart. Eventually, it spreads evenly throughout the body.
  • Duration: The effects, including psychoactivity, last nearly 3 hours.
best cbd form for consumption

When you inhale the drugs, the effects transmit to your brain before your liver starts to metabolize it. It makes inhaling the fastest cannabis administration method, as it allows your body to absorb around 30% of phytocannabinoids, such as CBD and THC. The heat of the vape or smoke causes the acid cannabinoids to convert to their original form.

Since inhalation has a short onset time and the effects wear off in a couple of hours, it makes this method appropriate for problems such as nausea or severe pain. Additionally, since the impact start almost immediately, it allows a user to determine an appropriate dose in lesser time.


You can consume cannabinoids or cannabis oil by vaping or smoking. However, unfortunately, inhalation can seriously damage your lungs, which is why a careful administration of the drug is necessary.

Although, inhaling Cannabis does not have extreme side effects like smoking cigarettes, but can cause other problems such as congestion, chronic cough, or asthma. Additionally, not all cannabis types work well with inhalation, and you may need to try an alternate method to take benefit from the drug.

In contrast to smoking, the onset of vaporizing Cannabis is slightly slower but has a better absorption rate. It is less harmful to the lungs, but an improper vaporizer may cause additional ingredients such as cartridges and oil extracts to break into carcinogens. It is unlikely to happen when you vaporize a flower.

You can vaporize both oil and flower, but the research about the final effects is still in progress. There is no definite answer to it as yet.

Cannabis oil is different from the actual plant, and it is difficult to find a flower on a regular basis, which is why the consumption of flowers is inconsistent. 



Oral sprays and Under the Tongue Administration:

  • Onset: Typically, under an hour.
  • Dosage: 2.5-5 mg is a suitable dose at the start. It can cause a minimalistic high for new users.
  • Overall effect: From your mouth, it flows to your bloodstream and evenly distributes throughout the body.
  • Duration: The effects typically last between 6-8 hours.

Oral consumption allows your blood to absorb the drug, and you will start feeling the effects in less than an hour. When using the oral sprays, it is best to wait for 60 seconds before you swallow the drug. You can find the information on accidental ingestion below.

You should avoid administering immediately after consuming a meal or using the tincture.

Oral solutions come as a dropper or a spray. Since the quantity is lesser in comparison to the rest of the forms, it allows you to measure your dose and create consistency. You can find per dose of cannabis volume at the back of the bottle.

In contrast, tinctures volume consist of sesame oil or Ethanol, which can be harmful if you consume it in more significant amounts.

Capsules/Edibles Administration:

  • Onset: A couple of hours.
  • Dosage: 3 mg of THC will be able to provide some psychoactive effects in new users. You can easily find different products with different CBD levels.
  • Overall effect: Your gut absorbs the drug, and your liver metabolizes it, after which the drugs are evenly spread throughout the body.
  • Duration: The effects last between 6-12 hours, depending on the user.
cbd oil dropper

When you ingest cannabinoids, your intestines absorb it and send it to your liver. If you’re empty stomach, you will start feeling the effects in an hour. However, if your stomach is full, the results will take longer to show. It is important to remember that you should wait at least 3 hours before you re-dose on the edibles.

Before reaching the liver, the cannabinoids interact with gut receptors, which increases the bowel movement and stomach inflammation. The drug undergoes a ‘first-pass metabolism’ process in the liver, which eventually leads to an effect more significant than the THC. It is the primary reason why you should practice using a lower mg drug before ingesting one with a higher magnitude.

Since capsules and edibles have a long-lasting effect, it makes their administration a better option for chronic conditions.


Oral sprays have a slower onset and allow you to take a precise dose every time. However, it can often confuse a patient. Immediately swallowing the oil will change how your body reacts to it. Your body will consider most parts of the oil as an edible, which will cause effects to drop and the duration to increase.

Additionally, people often increase their dose and end up accidentally intoxicating themselves. It is why careful administration is essential.


There is no evidence of a negative interaction between cannabinoids and other drugs. However, this research is limited to lower levels of cannabinoids.

However, if you increase the consumption to a higher level, your body will not be able to metabolize any other medicines that you must be consuming. However, if you use high-quality products for a therapeutic benefit, you will not have to consume a high dosage.

There are certain conditions under which a person needs to use a higher dosage, and everyone does not require it.



THC metabolism plays a critical role in determining THC psychoactivity. People throughout the world have different genes because of which their immune system works in a different way. For example, due to genetic mutation, TCH metabolism is slower in 20-25% of Europeans.

However, people from Africa and Asia face a high TCH metabolism volume. It makes them sensitive to TCH effects and can cause them to experience a very strong high. The results in edibles are the most dramatic, which is why it is essential that you understand your capacity and then choose to go for an edible item. The effect is most exciting for edibles, so people should appreciate their sensitivity to THC before using edibles.



How else can I administer Cannabis?

Rubs and tropicals are one of the most common cannabis kinds. You can use these products to fix joint or skin issues, but cannot orally consume them.

The habitation of terpenes or non-intoxicating acid cannabinoids (THCA and CBDA) can increase skin infiltration, but  not enough to get it into the bloodstream. Bigger concentrations of terpenes in skin products can sometimes  irritate or damage the skin.

cbd cream


Transdermal products, too, affect the skin but have a lesser result in comparison to tropicals. The primary purpose of transdermal is to release the cannabinoids in the bloodstream at a particular rate, and THC presence can cause psychoactive effects.

The experience that a transdermal and an oral administration offer is almost similar.

Although a transdermal patch is capable of running for a more extended period, a CBD isolate of transdermal was unable to treat epilepsy.

On the other hand, a CBD isolate of an oral form was able to demonstrate positive results in treating epilepsy. It leads to the conclusion that a company marketing a transdermal product needs to present research outlining the effects of the product. 

Administration of Water Soluble drugs

Cannabinoids mix well with oil. However, there are numerous ways via which you can dissolve cannabinoids in water. The end result is THC-infused and CBD-infused beverages. However, there limited research to prove this.

Cannabinoids dissolution in water shows that your body can also absorb CBD and THC. Soluble products administration has a faster onset in comparison to edible administration. Additionally, the dosage can increase in a shorter time period.

There is a possibility that the dissolution process may reverse at some point because of which the team needs to ensure that the product is stable. In the end, ingesting water-soluble and an edible is the same. However, water-soluble can produce results at a faster rate.






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