In this section we will talk about CBD and Cannabis dosage. Taking the right dosage of CBD, THC or both together as newbie can easy become some experiment. To acquaintance the medical potential of cannabis, an easy puff or two is needed.

Today, the medical benefits of marijuana are not anymore at question. Smoking marijuana is not the healthiest way to take it and get all its benefits. Throughout the history, the onset of cannabis products made from oil concentrates, CBD products and other inventions revolutionized all the therapeutic values. With that, the conversation about cannabis and its benefits changed dramatically.

As for now, there is not a question anymore if cannabis has medical properties. The only question today remains, how to find the optimal cannabis or CBD dosage to enhance your medical situation and also your lifestyle.

Physicians, CBD and cannabis dosage

To find the optimal dosage of therapeutic cannabis for someones needs is not always an easy job. Not fort he patient, and not fort he physician. Few years ago and also today, not many physicians have the knowledge and are not competent to consult patient about the correct dosage. The reason for that is, they never learned about cannabis in medical school. To choose the right ratio of THC:CBD, to choose the right mode or just to advice patients about potential adverse effects can be sometimes very difficult.

Because everyone is different, so are also the dosages of cannabis not always the same for every patient. To achieve good therapeutic effects, some people are good with a very small amount to take, where others need a quiet higher dosage. The dosages can be from 1mg and all up to 2000mg daily, without any adverse effects fort he patient.

In many states were cannabis is legal for therapeutic use, the production and dispensation is yet to be standardised.

Small dosages for newbies

The best way for beginners who are starting they protocols with cannabis is to start with a lower dosage. Many people when taking cannabis for therapeutical use will be very surprised finding out how effective ultra low dosages can be. Sometimes, a small amount can be as much effective as a high dose. According to a 2005 report, an oral intake of only 1mg THC per day appear in a big constrain of disease development in hardening the arteries (atherosclerosis) in animals.

about cbd and cannabis dosage


The biggest misunderstanding in every cannabis treatment is, that someone needs to get high to achieve a relief of symptoms.

Unfortunately, mostly because cannabis prohibition, clinical data about atherosclerosis in humans is mostly incomplete. Meanwhile, the micro dosing of cannabis and it products is gaining popularity amid individuals who want all the medical aid without getting high or feeling the buzz.

Today, cannabis medicine is accesible in many forms. From oil extracts, edibles, caps, salves and many other products.

Dealing with psychoactivity

The key in cannabis use as a treatment depends on controlling the properties of cannabis intoxication. When using cannabis, for some users the cannabis high is undesirable, for some not. Some people enjoy the high they getting of the plant.

Where THC is causing the high, the CBD does never lead to intoxication (feeling the high). It mostly depends on how much of THC and CBD is in the product. Using a product with a ratio of CBD higher then THC, will not cause the THC high.

The treatment regimen mostly depends on the user’s sensitiveness to the THC compund. If the product contains mostly CBD, the CBD will subdue the effects of THC. The bigger CBD : THC ratio will give the user a less high feeling, compared to products using a bigger THC:CBD ratio. All the cannabis users worldwide are having the option to choose, depending on their needs, protocols and health status.


    • Type 1 (THC-dominant) – High THC, low CBD (famously intoxicating cannabis varietals)

If speaking about cannabis products, the user can choose between 3 types of resin rich products. The non stimulated marijuana products contains high percantage of CBD and low percentage of THC. The mixed option of CBD and THC is the second type of medication, where the user will feel also the intoxicating effects of the THC compund. The last type is the THC dominant product, which contains a high THC level and low CBD level. This kind of medication is known for its mostly very high intoxicating effects on the user.

So, what’s the appropriate dosage for each of the three main types of cannabis?

“Never start a treatment with a high dosage”

Because there are thre main types of cannabis, there are also different protocols regarding the dosage. In a 2018 European Journal of Internal Medicine article, the authors provided protocols in form of ground rules for using THC rich cannabis products. That topic was discussed in form of a protocol with the rule go slow – start low.

Many cannabis users are getting their THC in form of medicine with smoking or vaping. Doing that it’s advisable to start with a single inhalation, waiting fore some 15 minutes before the next inhale. This kind of a protocol is needed because the effects of inhaled cannabis will be felt in just few minutes. The patient is getting a quick relief of distress almost immediately. If the needed symptom control is not achieved, someone can inhale or vape an extra puff every 15 – 35 minutes.

Talking about dosing cannabis products oral, the user should aknowledge the time from intake to effects to be felt. Mostly the oral dose will be felt in a timespan of 90 minutes. The physicians recommend patiens and users with less experience a starting dosage of 1.25 – 2.5 mg of THC just before sleeping time. This protocol (regimen) should be done for two days. Feeling no desirable side effects, the dosage can be increased by another 1.25mg of THC the third evening. Again use this dosage for two days and if needed increase again. Increase your dosage until the desired medical effects are achieved.

At some point of the protocol you may feel the side effects. In this case, reduce your dosage of THC to the last amount tolaretaed without side effects.

Mentioning three types of resin rich cannabis protocols, we need to describe every one regarding the correct dosage.


Type 1 – adjusting THC rich cannabis

The pysicians MacCallum and Russo on this topic. Looking for a sufficient relief of symptoms, some users have to take the chosen cannabis product two to three times during the day. Without getting adverse side effects, the user can switch to his night regimen. Start your night regimen always with the same dosis where during day time wit no side effects noted. The first two days, the dosage should be 1.25 to 2.5 mg of THC. On day 3 and 4 the dosage has to be increased by 1.25 to 2.5 mg of THC taken twice a day. Increase the dosage up to 15mg THC/day, where the whole portion need to be divided equally during the whole day.

High dosages of THC (20-30 mg/day) can higher the possibility of getting undesired side effects. This high amounts can also higher the tolerance without bettering efficiency.

Because it’s two phase properties, the user should aknowledge that low and higher doses of THC produce opposite effects. Taking a low dosage can stimulate, where a higher dosage is more sedative. According to Dr. Sulak, the dosage should be lower at the beginning of the treatment and should increase with time. During the increase of THC. Everyone should be aware, that every person’s body reacts different. With that, also eachs person develops tolerance at a different level.

With positive effects, there are also negative effects of over consuming cannabis products. Mostly known adverse effects are spasms, tremors, panic attacks, vomiting, nausea, insomnia. Higher intoxications made by extreme high dosages will often lead to hallucinations and also psychosis.

Have in mind, to start slow. With that move you are avoiding negative side effects of cannabis. The main key in using cannabis rich resin products is to take so much of THC that gives you the therapeutic effect. Parallel to this, the dosage should be small enough to lower all the negative side effects.

When it comes to THC and CBD we must agree that both substances have very strong medicinal properties. Once using isolated they still have many positive effects, but using them together is known as the best option available. Because of the symbiotic reaction of both compunds, CBD can rise the THC’s anti-inflammatory and sedative effects. On the other side CBD reduces the adverse side effects of THC. 

CBD can multiply the therapeutical effect of a small amount of THC. Therefore the user will not feel the intoxicated effect of THC while the therapeutical properties will be achieved.

Many patients are good with a low dose, where others benefits from higher doses of the cannabis oil protocol. The regimen taken by this users mostly contains a significant amount of CBD and THC. While giving all the therapeutical effects, the high dosage of CBD makes the rich cannabis resin treatment most likely to manage. Individuals who still need higher doses of THC have to adjust the dosage during more weeks. With that the tolerance of the patient will slowly build up.

There is no same dosage for every individual. Once starting to use cannabis for its therapeutical value, every individual will have to find out what works best for his condition. Already a small amount of 2.5 mg of CBD with a little amount of THC can for someone have very good therapeutical effects. If needed, way higher CBD amounts are well tolerated and safe.

Never forget. Start slow and low and see how your body reacts. CBD and THC taken in a more equal dosis is having bigger impact then taking CBD or THC alone.  When using CBD and THC, watch out for effects and side effects and fight the right combination where you still feel ok, without effects you don’t need or like.

Type 3 – complete CBD spectrum rich oils

The third option of healing without getting heavy intoxicating properties is to use only CBD rich extracts. Using this kind of extracts will not give you the THC high. This low THC products mostly contain less ten 0.3% of THC. Some patients prefer to use pure CBD isolate with 0% THC.  Unfortunately CBD isolate doesn’t contain many terpenes and other cannabinoids needed for a synergistically interaction to enhance CBD’s medicinal full benefits. Single molecule products are not that perfect then whole cannabis plant combinations.

CBD isolates are widely available thru many online shops. Using CBD isolates, it’s always good to do a research on the product. Meanwhile also many drug firms are using single molecule CBD as treatment for some doseases.


Nowadays, single molecule CBD got an FDA approval drug for pedriatric seizure illness. The pharma name of the used drug is Epidiolex. The almost pure CBD made drug is today well known for use as an anti seizure treatment. Unfortunately, this medication is only available to citizens with insurance.

In clinical trials, childreen with heavy seizure disorders where given up to 20mg of Epidiolek per 1 kg of body weight. Because negative interactions with other drugs, the dosage requires adjustment to minimize the possibility of a toxic overdose.

Some professionals treating seizure patients with full spectrum CBD oil will start with a low dosage of only 1mg of CBD per kg of weight. Depending on the response, this dosage can and will be raised or lowered. Dr. Goldstein, author of Cannabis Revealed increases the dose in adding 0.5mg of CBD per every kg until the maximum amount of 5mg/kg body weight is reached.

When it comes to dosing we need to understand, that children and adults don’t react the same on same formulations. It’s not the best option to calculate adult dosage based on what was used for a child. For example: if a 15 kg child is getting 1mg of CBD/kg weight, an adult weighs 7 times more, the dosage 7 times bigger will be a too high dose for the adult. Eventhough high doses of CBD are safe, the effect itself can be therapeutically adverse. Therfore a moderate dose of CBD is always better then a very high dose.


As mentioned before, cannabis dosage or protocol has to be admitted for each human or pet individually. While cannabis use is best connected with a healthy lifestyle, we need to consider some factors. Sleep patterns, genetics, diet, overall health and stress are a big co-factor when determing a dose for individuals.

Dosage factors that need to be considered:

  • The cannabis knowledge someone who never took cannabis has a different profile like someone who is using it on a daily basis. Someone who was using cannabis before will most likely need a higher start dosage then someone who used it never. Some users who use cannabis often wil need sometime a break just to restore their sensitivity and tolerance.

  • Day or night time use? When optimizing the dosage and the ratio, the time of intake need to be set before starting with a treatment. CBD is widely used during the day where THC is mostly admitted nights.
  • Precautionary dosages   Taking low dosages for managing chronic symptoms can be a plus for preventing the reappearance of a disease. Cannabionoids have cardioprotective and neuroprotective properties that can lower a brain injury damage same as lowering the injury after a heart attack.
  • CBD acids CBDA and THCA, the acid forms of CBD and THC before heating procedure are not intoxicating. When juicing raw cannabis, the dosing can became a problem, while consuming it orally many months they can bring therapeutical effects already in smaller amounts. For better extraction other methods of delivery are available.

Eventhough marijuana is still an illegal drug in many places, its therapeutical effects are with no doubt very efficient. Cannabis is safe and forgiving medicine. Soon many people will realize the difference between the power of nature and pharma produced drugs.

Starting to learn about cannabis medicone or using it as a newbie, always remember the first rule. “Go slow, start slow!”

Project CBD director Martin A. Lee is the author of Smoke Signals: A Social History of Marijuana – Medical, Recreational and Scientific.



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