Looking for the basic knowledge about CBD and cannabis (marijuana) therapeutics? This CBD user’s guide will answer all your questions and concerns that may stuck with you.

CBD-rich cannabis strains that were identified in late 2009 by North California growers in America’s most prominent cannabis-producing area. All certified patients there can get legal access to marijuana. Hence we can say it’s a great way to test the patients who want treatment with the Cannabidiol.

The identification of complete Cannabidiol transformed the thinking about cannabis. People at the start were skeptical about the good results of medical marijuana – But now everyone asks about; How to make use of cannabis for extracting the full benefits?

The health professionals are not entirely aware of its magic. That’s why we take the initiative to create a user manual for the consumer. This user manual covers all the essential questions related to cannabidiol and cannabis therapeutics.

Let’s get started;

About CBD

Cannabidiol is an element of the cannabis plant. It’s non-toxic, with tremendous healing benefits. Still, Cannabidiol doesn’t work as effectively as THC. It is causing a buzz according to the scientists, health professionals, and medical marijuana patients who are using CBD-rich products to cure conditions such as – chron’s, diabetes, rheumatic arthritis, cardiovascular disease, multiple sclerosis, schizophrenia, anxiety, chronic pain, cancer, PTSD, antibiotic-resistant infections, and more.

The researchers and scientists in the United States are currently studying about the side effects of the CBD for all the mentioned ailments. Scientist calls it as a ‘Promiscuous’ that’s because it tosses benefits in many different ways.

They also notice the physiologically and biological behavior of the patients. Some extensive studies show that CBD has a really strong anti-oxidant, antidepressant, antipsychotic, anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective and antipsychotic natural curing qualities. CBD also remove beta-amyloid plaque and gene expressions.



The Comparison of CBD and THC

Cannabidiol and THC are highly effective in cannabis therapeutics when taken together. They cure best in the couple. The good part is that when both CBD and THC unites, they cooperate with each other to boost their curable qualities, thus getting more productive.
Anticancer and painkilling qualities of THC are also increases when it is taken with the CBD while reducing the THC’s side effects on the brain. The CBD also controls the rapid heartbeat and anxiety caused by excessive use of THC.
When CBD and THC both are equally present in the cannabis products, the job of CBD is to prolong its duration. (Patient describes it as; Relaxing but not intoxicating). CBD and THC help in the process of forming new neurons in the brain, especially in adult mammals.

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CBD makes conditions such as metabolic or cardiovascular disorders more treatable together with the use of THC. This may be less responsive to THC dominant remedies.

The optimal way to use Cannabidiol (CBD)

The CBD provides you comfort when you are sick. But taking it in the right way is essential to achieve desired results.
The perfect way to utilize Cannabidiol is – to give it in the optimal dose for the desired timespan. It also has some of the side effects. You can easily find Cannabidiol for smoking from any of the medical cannabis dispensaries near you.

Many of the Cannabidiol patients pick non-inhalable items that are made up of Cannabis (marijuana) Oil. In spite of the ban by federal authorities, significant doses of Cannabidiol – Abundant cannabis are accessible easily in different non-smokable patterns and can be used in several manners. The timespan of the effect of Cannabidiol depends upon the way of intake.

The Cannabidiol can be placed under the tongue, or taken orally in the form of caps, beverages, edibles, tablets, and tinctures or applied directly.

You can also heat and take the concentrated CBD in oil form with a vape pen. The inhalation method is perfect for the symptoms that need quick action. You can feel the pleasant effects in just a minute or two and finish in several hours. Orally taken CBD has an onset of the impact much slower than inhalation that is approx 30-90 minutes, but lasts for more than four hours.

The accurate CBD:THC ratio for you

Cannabis therapeutics is personalized medicine. There is no single ratio or strain or product that’s right for everyone. Optimize your therapeutic use of cannabis by finding the proper combination of CBD and THC that works best for you. A person’s sensitivity to THC is a key factor in determining the appropriate ratio and dosage of CBD-rich medicine.

Many people enjoy the cannabis high and can consume reasonable amounts of any cannabis product without feeling too high or dysphoric. Others find THC to be unpleasant. CBD can lessen or neutralize the intoxicating effects of THC. So a greater ratio of CBD-to-THC means less of a high. In some states with medical marijuana laws, cannabis oil concentrates and other products with varying ratios of CBD:THC are available so users can adjust or minimize psychoactive effects to suit their needs and sensitivities.

Those who don’t like THC have the option of healing without the high by using a CBD-rich remedy with only a small amount of THC. But a low THC remedy, while not intoxicating, is not always the most effective treatment option. Patients of all ages need access to a wide spectrum of whole plamnt cannabis remedies, not just high CBD oil. In essence, the goal is to administer consistent, measurable doses of a CBD-rich remedy that includes as much THC as a person is comfortable with.

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Is any specific CBD:THC ratio good for various conditions?

For problems like depression, anxiety, seizure disorders, psychosis, and spasm; the average amount of Cannabidiol rich medicine with a small THC present are providing relief to many. In diseases like cancer and autism, some people say they avail of the most benefit from it with the equal ratio of cannabidiol and THC. Thus it is a good sign for the patients.
According to the trials conducted in many countries, an equal ratio of Cannabidiol: THC is beneficial for nervous system problems.

Few people use cannabis (Marijuana) products with entirely different cannabidiol and THC ratio at various hours of the day (higher cannabidiol at day time and higher THC at night). According to theoretical studies, every cannabis product benefits for a broad range of inflammatory and autoimmune problems. It’s because the elements in cannabis and THC switch on the CB2 phytocannabinoid receptor, which improves the immune system of the body.

Note: Many people prefer to use the CBD (Cannabidiol) because of very few side effects on the body.


Using CBD, always start with a small dosage. An effectual intake can start from with the few milligrams of Cannabidiol (CBD) to one gram or slightly more. Take a start with few milligrams of High Cannabidiol and low THC, specifically if you have no experience and are entirely new in using it.

Try the tiny dose 4-5 times a day rather than one heavy dose at the same time. Take the same treatment for several days of the month and observe the results. If you think you need dose adjustment, you can go for it. Cannabis compounds are biphasic in nature, means that the high and low doses can produce adverse effects on the body. Be careful about the dosage.

The dose entirely depends upon your body requirements, although more THC is not much dangerous, but can intensify depression, anxiety, and mood disorders. Some clinical studies show no side effects of cannabidiol (CBD), but using it in excessive amounts is not beneficial, so take it in small or moderate amounts. Always start little is a perfect case for cannabis therapy.



How to select a CBD product?

For selecting the best cannabidiol product, you must have basic knowledge about CBD. The first criterion should be checking the amount of CBD : THC per dose as this is really important.  

You must also check the batch number (this will ensure the quality), expire date and manufacturing date. Select the product that is of good quality. The product should not contain ingredients like artificial additives, GMOs, corn syrups thinning agents, and preservatives. Before purchasing the product check if the products were lab tested and followed the basic manufacturing standards by health standard inspection authorities. Products must be free from residues, bacteria, solvent, and free from mold. If the Cannabidiol products are pulled out with toxic elements or material hydrocarbon, hexane or propane, avoid purchasing it. Use products that use safe methods to extract cannabidiol from the process. Like food grade ethanol or supercritical CO2 process.

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Why not try Pure Cannabidiol?

Epidioliex, a cannabidiol isolate (strong dose of Cannabidiol) is pharmaceutical medicine that is used for controlling diseases dealing with childhood disorders. This is federally supervised pharma. There are also not approved cannabidiol products available in the various outlet in the market and online stores.

The single-molecule Cannabidiol is not so much effective if compared to the whole plant cannabidiol extract.
Research conducted by scientific laboratories shows that Cannabidiol with single-molecule cannot produce the desired results in the therapeutic window. At the same time, the whole plant cannabidiol (CBD) treatments is more useful for various conditions in patients in most marijuana states.

Whether prepared in large pharma or extracted from industrial hemp, the single-molecule Cannabidiol is falling short in secondary cannabinoids and many other components, found in other high resin cannabis strains. The ingredients present in high cannabis strains interact with THC and Cannabidiol to increase healing properties. The ‘Entourage Effect’ is what scientists call it. The healing effect of the whole plant is much better than the individual parts of the plants.

Difference between Cannabidiol derived from Marijuana and Cannabidiol derived from Hemp

If the state you live in doesn’t ban medical marijuana, and if its easily available, then look for the CBD (cannabidiol) extracted from the high resin cannabis plant instead of low resin derived from industrial hemp. You can easily found them in licensed dispensaries in your area.

There are many high resin cannabis products that are available that are not licensed. These products are not many times not labeled properly and are available in dozens online stores and markets.

The industrial hemp contains very less of CBD as compared to whole plant rich cannabis plants. For extracting a small quantity of Cannabidiol, you need a large amount of fiber hemp. This increases the chance of impurity because hemp takes harmful substances from the soil, which is usually not recommended for separating medicinal oil for remedies.

Terpene-free and thoroughly refined Cannabidiol is not a good starter element for making cannabidiol rich products. The breeders are wining to develop the high resin cannabidiol (CBD) cannabis plants that contain only 0.3% THC, the allowable limit for hemp.

Is it good to Inhale the fumes of Hemp Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil?

Many of the hemp-derived cannabidiol vape products contain thinning agents, which is diluted with the CBD oil, heated and inhaled by the vape pen.
Take into consideration the vape pen oil because it contains propylene glycol. It produces a carcinogen, formaldehyde, as a by-product when heated, a research conducted by the Journal of medicine (New England) in 2015. Avoid additives containing flavoring agents (cinnamon and cream flavor), polyethylene glycol (thinning agent), as these are toxic and never be heated and inhaled.
Only look for the natural cannabis product that is extracted from the cannabis plants directly. So it doesn’t harm you.

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The Side effects of Cannabidiol (CBD). Do it interact with any drug?

No doubt, the Cannabidiol is a very safe substance. But it can react with many of the pharmaceutical medicines.
At high dosages, CBD deactivates the cytochrome P450 enzymes. With that, its adjusting in how we metabolize statins, blood thiners, painkillers or insuline.

Cannabidiol has no harmful side effects. Still, it can chemically interact with drugs, but mostly CBD helps for lover side effects with increasing the patients quality of life. Most of the time CBD – opioid combinations show a good therapeutical outcome.

The combination of CBD and THC has excellent healing properties for several diseases; THC increases the pain-reducing effects of opiates, while Cannabidiol reduces dependence. Patients who take pharma medicine should always monitor blood level changes. And if needed, readjust the dosage. Problems can arise when taking high dosage of CBD isolate.





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