Effective CBD Dosage For Depression

What Is The Recommended effective CBD dosage For DEPRESSION?

A number of variables need to be taken into account before you start using CBD for depression. For instance, your bodyweight, the intensity and frequency of your symptoms, as well as your reaction to cannabinoid products need to be carefully considered.

If you have depression symptoms such as loss of appetite, low energy, and bodily pain, CBD may be able to help.

For most people with depression, a starting dosage of 5-10mg of CBD per day is advised. If there is no symptomatic relief, you may raise the dosage by 5-10mg until you achieve the desired effects.

If you use a CBD tincture, you can apply CBD drop by drop. This application is very helpful if you need to scale your dosage up or down.

effective cbd dosage for depression

Another option is to use CBD gel capsules. Many brands provide capsules with dosages as low as 10mg of CBD. With these pre-measured capsules, you can adjust your dosage quickly.

There is no risk of overdose as CBD produces no significant side effects.



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Ingestible CBD products such as tinctures and get capsules may take up
to 1.5 hours before you begin to feel the health benefits.

And as they
take longer to break down, CBD tinctures and gel capsules may provide
relief for the entire day. Allow enough time to pass before you change
your CBD dosage.

If you use a vaporizer to take CBD, you will likely
feel the health benefits within 10 minutes. However, the amount of CBD
delivered with each puff may vary based on the type of vape pen you use,

the size of the puff, as well as the temperature of your surrounding environment. Start with one or two puffs and evaluate how you feel after 10 minutes. Take an additional puff every 10 minutes until you experience complete relief.





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