CBD Legal Status

Is CBD legal worldwide?

Cannabis which contains THC is illegal, but  CBD is legal in most countries around the world. However, because CBD is the extract from the cannabis plant, its legality is steeped in many of regulation and legislation.

This mean that not everybody can grow, produce or purchase the products. Adding, that each country has its own laws that are ever changing regarding cannabis; it is a risky thing answering questions regarding the legality of CBD.

Is CBD legal in Europe?

The regulations by the EU govern the sale of CBD in most European countries. However, these countries are allowed to make their own interpretations of the regulations and also the level of punishment.

In Europe, the tolerance for cannabis related crime varies strongly from country to country  and, as a result of that the law on CBD can have many different policies.

Pic Source: Pixabay

Because regulations regarding the legals status of CBD can change often, we recommend every potential user from Europe, to check the link bellow, where everyone can find new and updated laws and policies specified for the most part of the world.