Powerful CBD Dosage For Seizures And Epilepsy

CBD DOSAGE FOR SEIZURES AND EPILEPSY : What is the correct CBD dosage to help treat SEIZURES and EPILEPSY?

Several factors need to be evaluated if you want to find the right CBD dosage for seizures and epilepsy.

Some of these factors include your body weight, your reaction to CBD, the severity of your symptoms, and whether or not you are currently taking prescription medication.

Many people with epilepsy start with a dose of 5-10mg of CBD per day. If your symptoms do not improve at this dosage, you can increase the dosage by 5-10mg until you find relief.

You can use CBD tinctures to increase or decrease your CBD dosage by small increments.If you are not comfortable using CBD tinctures, you may prefer to take CBD gel capsules.

cbd dosage for seizures and epilepsy

Each gel capsule comes with a pre-measured amount of CBD. Gel capsules are available in doses as low as 5mg.


As there are no significant side effects associated with taking CBD, you can scale up your dosage without the fear of overdosing. Ingestible CBD products may take up to 90 minutes to start working.

However, they may provide relief for the entire day. Remember to give the product enough time to work before you adjust your CBD dose.

You may choose to use a CBD vaporizer if you want to experience the benefits of CBD more quickly. If you vape CBD you may feel the benefits in less than 10 minutes.

Rather than measuring out the amount of CBD you take, it is usually more convenient to count the number of puffs it takes to feel better.Start with one or two puffs, wait 10 minutes, and repeat until your symptoms become manageable.



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