According to recent research conducted in Isreal, a whole plant Cannabidiol-rich extract has superior therapeutic properties in comparison with single-molecule CBD.

The research published in Feb. 2015 edition of Pharmacology & Pharmacy journal posts a challenge to the earlier claims, which suggested that a crude botanical formula is of lower quality and efficiency in comparison to a single-molecule compound.

One of the reasons why the article has gained more popularity is the fact that Limir Hanus is a co-author of the report. He is one of the founding fathers of anandamide, a cannabinoid compound, which was discovered in the brain tissue of the mammals in the year 1992.

After a survey of the academic publications, Hanus and his colleagues discovered that historical data emphasized the anti-inflammatory reactions  that a single-molecule Cannabidiol had on various animal models pathologies. These pathologies included rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel diseases, and diabetes. This information can also be found in preclinical data about CBD.

According to the studies, the administration of single-molecule would result in a bulging dose-response arch. It indicated that an excessive CBD dose would lead to a drastic decline in its therapeutic effects.

As per the authors, it was necessary to contain the CBD dose optimum levels in order to ensure its effectiveness. A higher or lower dosage was not capable of producing positive results. It is a critical factor that limits the usefulness of a single-molecule Cannabidiol, even after manifestation as a bulging response of the dose. 

In order to obtain more clarity, the delegation then conducted an experiment on mice in order to determine if the test would produce similar results. As per the author, these actions were a measure taken to identify if the CBD source was capable of eliminating the bulging response that the single-molecule Cannabidiol was producing.


A local producer of medical marijuana was able to provide the scientists with a Cannabidiol-rich strain known as Avidekel or Clone 202, as referred to in the study. Since the substance has extremely low levels of THC, it is relatively harmless.

Avidekel was discovered during Cannatonc, also known as Cannabis Tonic, development in Spain. Similarly, various other CBD types were also discovered in the production process. Some of these formulas include a strain measuring nearly 20 percent Cannabidiol and is potentially harmless. In California, a similar CBD-dominant formula is referred to as ACDC.


Using the Cannabidiol-rich oil extracts from Clone 202, some scientists formulated a dosage of 1.1 % THC, 0.2 percent cannabigerol (CBG), 17.9 % Cannabidiol, 1.1 percent CBC, and minimal amounts of cannabivarol (CBDV) and cannabinol (CBN).

The dosage was then used on the mice to identify if the formula was capable of killing pain and was anti-inflammatory.

In order to draw a comparison, the scientists then tested the single-molecule CBD on an additional group of rats. The purpose of the test was to identify the analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of the CBD.

However, the formula consisting of Clone 202, after administration on mine, produced a different response pattern. Instead of a bulging curve, the dose had direct effects on inflammation, pain, and TNFa production. These results were produced without containing the dosage at an optimum level.

According to the scientists, the clone essence was able to provide a prominent association among the dose, anti-nociceptive, and anti-inflammatory responses. An increase in dosage was leading to an increase in reactions, which is why the formula was perfect for medical uses.

Additionally, the scientists were able to discover that the clone extract only required a tiny amount of Cannabidiol in order to provide significant relief in pain. However, with the earlier formula, a substantial amount of single-molecule CBD was needed to achieve similar analgesic effects.

Similarly, there was high variance in the efficiency levels of the two formulas as a single-molecule CBD required an optimum level of dosage. However, the effects of the clone essence did not differ based on the dosage. These results were a critical factor in pronouncing the clone extract formula a medical plateau.

According to the study, the Clone 2020 extract, when compared to the single-molecule Cannabidiol, is more effective in treating inflammatory disorders. The formula consists of CBD, insignificant phytocannabinoids and non-cannabinoid compounds, and according to the scientists, these ingredients work in synergy to increase the efficiency levels of the formula.

Additionally, the scientists examined the effects of Cannabidiol-rich Cannabis essence against the results of anti-inflammatory medicines and commercial painkillers. Based on the test results, they were able to identify that both single-molecule CBD and Cannabis extract yielded more significant anti-inflammatory potential in comparison to an Aspirin.
Although Aspirin also registered a negative effect on TNFa production. However, the impact of single molecule CBD effects as well as Clone 2020 was far superior.

Recent reports support the theory that CBD, when mixed with Cannabis components, increases the responsiveness of the dose.


These reports are known as the anti-proliferative reaction of CBD on cancerous cells along with the inhibitory effects of Cannabidiol on bladder strangulation.

According to scientists, identifying an ideal formula took a great amount of  research and dedication. The results lay the foundation for further study and introduction of new phytopharmaceuticals in order to treat conditions for which only synthetic drugs are being used so far.

As per them, these new formulas require fewer amounts of active ingredients and have lower side effects.



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What is CBD Cannabiol? Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring substance found in the flower of cannabis, used as a medicine for thousands of years.

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